Aira fuses mobile and wearable technologies and a distributed network of trained human assistants to provide people with vision loss the same or greater assistance they would receive from a sighted person next to them.  

What is Aira?

Why all the buzz about Aira?

Aira, after 2000 session trials, was released in September 2016 and has rapidly become the hottest assistive technology for people who are blind or have low vision. It has been called everything from life-changing to liberating to transformative.

What does Aira do?

The beauty of being an Aira Agent is you never know what type of adventure you are going to go on through the eyes of our Explorers!

Aira Agent Erin

I love the way that our Explorers are constantly thinking of new and interesting ways to bring us into their daily lives. I love the variety of every call, and getting to meet such interesting people along the way.

Aira Agent Emily

There is no better feeling than providing a game changing service. This is so much more than just a “job” to all of us!

Aira Agent Patrick

It has been life changing to collaborate with our users to complete daily tasks, describe special occasions, and go on new adventures they never imagined being possible!

Aira Agent Jess

This image is of a woman wearing a headset, monitoring an Aira Agent dashboard, seeing live video streaming from the smart glasses and Google Map below the video window to  provide information to an Aira user in a remote location with whom she is interacting.

We make the visual and digital worlds accessible to veterans who are blind or low vision.

Aira enables even greater independence with real-time access to visual, digital and environmental information.

This is our mission every day.

Aira puts time back in your day. Rather than wait for a sighted assistant to arrive onsite, you have immediate access to professional agents who assist with nearly any task, anywhere you may be.

What can Aira do for me?

We make it simple. 

Learn about Aira on this site.

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We help you decide on your next step with Aira and the VA

How can I get Aira?

"Aira isn’t a substitute for sight, but it is a powerful tool for accessing visual info and the physical world.

"Aira gives me back time. I don't have to wait for an onsite sighted assistant for most of the things I do every day."

"The biggest challenge of blindness is the lack of immediate access to visual and environmental information. Aira crushes that challenge!”

Here is what some of the people who use Aira have to say.

“With Aira my time becomes my own. It’s independence at a new level.”

Smart glasses incorporating a tiny video camera, GPS & sensors for real-time feedback to remotely-located distributed network of trained agents who interpret the visual and environmental information for the user.

An application that runs on a smartphone. 

Enterprise-class broadband services to ensure unhindered access to agents and services virtually anytime and anywhere. 

Professional Agents who are available to 4am to 10pm Pacific Time in the contiguous United States.

Insurance to cover the smart glasses.

Aira is a service enabled by technology but delivered with human-to-human interactions.

The Aira service includes all of the following:

How does Aira work?

The Aira service is robust and easy to use. 

You press a button on the app or speak a voice command to initiate a session. 

Your agent sees that video on a dashboard that also displays a wealth of other location-specific information and access to other items in which you may have interest. 

Your agent provides information.

You decide what to do with it. 

It is literally that simple.

What are Aira agents?

Aira Agents are very special people. They are the people you talk with when you want visual assistance to do virtually anything that comes to mind. They are hand-selected after exhaustive review from a large pool of candidates and are the human half of the Aira services. Our agents are remotely located and distributed throughout the United States but see the world from the vantage point of the Explorer's glasses. They describe surroundings and conditions, augmenting that with a wealth of additional location-specific information available to them through their Agent dashboards.

Aira Agents have relayed reviews on nearby restaurants, helped navigate airports, assisted in reading menus on a night out, shared every detail for a mother of her daughter's wedding as it occurred, described the changing colors of fall, and served as the remote coach for an Explorer who wanted to enjoy a night of bowling. Virtually anything is possible.

Why do Aira Agents love their jobs?

This image is of blonde haired Aira Agent Erin who likes nothing more than touring the country through the eyes of our Aira Explorers.
This image of a smiling, dark haired woman standing in front of the ocean is Emily. She is an original Aira Agent and while she loves being around the ocean, she loves being at her computer assisting our Explorers with day to day tasks just as much.
This image is of our dark haired, aviator sunglasses wearing, guitar playing Agent Patrick. When he isn't assisting Aira Explorers he can be found rocking his living room or patio.
This image is of our smiling and blonde haired Jess. When Jess is not helping our Explorers she can be found on any number of outdoor pursuits.

What are the possibilities?

The uses of Aira are nearly limitless and are bound to the imagination of an Explorer. From navigating unfamiliar surroundings to better visualizing an event or changing landscape, Aira users are finding new ways to use the services every day. The limits are only in what an Aira user wants to do on any given day. 

As a team Aira Explorers and their Aira Agents are doing pretty much anything!

Play the following video to witness a person experiencing Aira for the very first time.

This image is of a man crossing a street intersection with the assistance of his guide dog.

Play the following video to experience Aira Agent Emily assisting Giselle navigate a conference.

Where can I get Aira?

In partnership with the Veteran's Administration, Aira is making our service available through Blind Rehabilitation Centers, Vision Centers and Medical Centers.


In most cases, you will be equipped where you receive your VA Vision Services after meeting the foundation requirements and it is determined through an assessment, should one be required, that the Aira services would be of benefit to you.

You will also be trained in the center where you receive your vision services. Center personnel will ensure that you are comfortable with the technology and agent services as well as aware of any maintenance responsibilities you may have.

In those instances where your local Vision Center is not ready to provide Aira, the VA and Aira will work with you to find an alternative means to activate the service for you. You can click here for other pricing plans.

The basic requirements that an Aira Explorer should meet.

Must own a smart phone. The Aira application runs on Apple or Android smartphones that enable auditory interaction with an agent and access to the Aira application. It also provides precise GPS information to agents who can provide location-relevant information.

Must be comfortable with auditory instructions. Although there are some non verbal modes of communication with Aira, the majority of sessions are auditory and interactive. The Explorer must be comfortable accepting and acting on information that is relayed verbally by the Aira Agent.

May need to complete a VA-administered assessment. With the VA, we have created an assessment that will help determine how effective Aira will be for you. Where required by the center at which you receive your vision care, completing an assessment will help you determine if you will benefit from the service.

Must be willing to pay $29/month. If you join our community through a Blind Rehabilitation Center  (BRC) or other VA center where you normally receive your vision care, all necessary hardware is issued by them. You will be responsible for the monthly services fee of $29.  If the center where you receive your vision care is not able to provide you with the glasses, other plans are available through Aira. Contact us at for info.

If you meet the requirements and feel that you might want to join our Aira Community tell us about yourself on the form below. One of our team members will contact you.

As with many V.A. programs, the Aira services are being phased in over time.  The V.A. center where you normally receive your vision care may or may not currently participate in the Aira program. The button below will enable you to review your two options to begin using the service and help you decide which option is the most appropriate for you.

Do all BRCs and Vision Centers have Aira now?


Aira fuses technology and human assistants–we call them Aira Agents–to deliver this transformative service. A tiny, forward-facing camera embedded in smart glasses streams video to a dashboard incorporating that video with other sources including GPS, Google Maps, and services such as Uber. At their dashboards, professional Aira Agents who may be located hundreds of miles away see the Explorer’s world from the vantage point of the smart glasses and deliver real time auditory narrative or assist with other services on request. Aira Agents deliver the benefits of a sighted assistant but immediately on request and with enhanced access to environmental data.

Aira is a unique service making information that is easily available to the sighted readily accessible to people with vision loss. Aira extends independence by providing real time and location-specific auditory narrative about surroundings, environment and other information needed to accomplish day-to-day tasks or enhance virtually any experience with a deeply enriched perspective. In any given week, Aira is used hundreds of ways.

We call Aira users “Explorers” and they range from the young to the elderly with varying degrees of blindness. Some have low vision and others are totally blind. They are discovering a multitude of ways to apply Aira technology and services to live even more fully independent daily lives at home, at work, at school or just out and about on a social evening.

Are there special requirements?

Aira is not a replacement for the white cane or guide dog. In fact, Aira augments whichever mobility aid is  used. Aira's benefit is in delivering or augmenting information that typically is inaccessible or would require an onsite and sighted human assistant.

This image is of two women with white canes walking down a campus sidewalk that is surrounded by expanses of grass.

All without a sighted assistant on site!


Made household repairs

Taken hikes

Read computers when a screen reader failed

Walked their dogs

Navigated airports, schools, campuses and theme parks

Read bedtime stories to children

Submitted a student assignment to an inaccessible website

Grabbed lunch at the workplace cafeteria

Ran a marathon

Learned a musical instrument

Experienced the changing seasonal colors

Read a menu in a restaurant 

And many more ordinary and extraordinary things. 

What have Aira Agents and Explorers accomplished together?

Aira for Navigation

Aira Explorers who use our services away from home typically use a white cane or guide dog. Aira Agents assist those travelers with navigational, digital and environmental information in addition to assisting with day-to-day tasks both in and out of the home. 

Given the nature of our service, there are some requirements that ensure an Explorer gets full benefit. 

Our veterans program and its special incentives require that candidates complete an assessment to ensure they will benefit from Aira should one be required by the VA center where they receive vision care.

Aira for Everyday Tasks

For Aira Explorers who primarily use our services in the familiar surroundings of home and without a white cane or guide dog, our Agents will not provide navigational information but instead assist in accomplishing day-to-day in home tasks more independently and often faster.